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Amenities and Essentials

There are several reasons including various amenities and essentials that an individual looks for while choosing a home for his family. Right from the security of the residents to the comfort and to the luxury of the people, Le Moubréza takes care of these all. The endless features and essential commodities that the property offers make it an irresistible one for all those people looking for a comforting new address. Post knowing the convenient features that Le Moubréza offers you can no less than be convinced to invest your hard earned savings in the same.

1. 24*7 Security - Day and night long security is provided at Le Moubréza and you can be sure of the safety of your near and dear ones. With cameras around all the undergoing activities of the property stays under surveillance and is monitored by trained professions.  

2. Entrance Gate Secured By Professional Guards - Trained professionals are employed for the same. The entrance and exit points are well secured by security guards of reputed agencies. They stay cautious all the time and keep a detailed record of all the entrances and exits.

3. Clubhouse For The Utility Of The Residents - A well-designed clubhouse is accommodated in the property that can be used for various kinds of meetings or discussions or gatherings by the residents of Le Moubréza.

4. Basketball Court - A giant sized basketball court is present well within the property that can be used by the residents for their recreation. Kids can take complete advantage of this playing area to groom their skills. Hence, there is no requirement for your kids to go to distant clubs in order to master the sport.

5. Underground Water Drainage System - A well designed underground drainage system is provided and accommodated for the convenient living of the residents.

6. System Centralized Water Supply - There is incorporated a centralized water supply system that ensures a constant supply of clean water with full force causing absolutely no inconvenience to the users. With this constant supply of water, the residents of Le Moubréza entertain a healthy and hearty life without any trouble.

7. Supply Of Meralco Power - Meralco supply of power is what the residents can entertain while living in one of the beautifully designed homes of Le Moubréza.

8. Concrete Fencing - A secure home is one of the intentions of Le Moubréza and in order to offer the same a concrete fence is provided all around the boundary of the property. This protects the property and even adds on to the beauty of it.

9. Concrete Smooth Roads - The roads constructed within the property are concrete as well as smooth which enables the smooth movement of the automobile.

10. Property Management Team - A property management team is appointed to take special care of the property as well as its residents. The skilled professionals are dedicated to imparting the residents a hassle free living. Just a call from any of the residents and the problem is sorted and solved within minutes.  

11. Commercial Area - A commercial area is also incorporated in the property that adds on to the utility of the people.

  • 24/7 Security
  • Entrance Gate
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Commercial Area
  • Maintained by Property Management Group
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Centralized Water System
  • Meralco Power Supply
  • Concrete Perimeter Fence
  • Wide Concrete Roads
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